Incestuous subplots

Staying up late to write a response paper, got caught up in a critical reading of King Lear and Cordelia with potential themes of incest and a dysfunctional father/daughter relationship. So so squicked out but I can’t look away. Advertisements

My professor is hot

Highlights of this semester: Lots of funny people in classes who make me annoyed/entertained Good looking, well-dressed English professor English professors with perfect diction English professor who somehow got to choose his own email handle, thus not being “” but rather “” Having a car, sort of Learning how to read poetry out loud Dancing … Continue reading

I just want to write, again

Something about music, because that is something I have not done these past few months. Often I wish I could get a dual graduate degree in English Literature and Musicology. I don’t want my musical training to go to waste, and I also want to keep on learning about music, even after I graduate. I’m … Continue reading


There are certain times when I feel homesick for a place I don’t remember or a memory I haven’t experienced. I wonder why that is.

Think about the money you’re saving!

I’m a huge ramen fan, as well as a WongFu Pro fan. I chose Phil’s because I like my ramen with all sorts of goodness in it, like meat, veggies, a hard boiled egg, tofu, etc etc etc. I’ve had good/decent ramen (10 dollars a bowl) at Wagamama’s in Boston, and enjoyed it very much. … Continue reading

Unusually stressed out.

If I can get through this week, I’ll be all right. Reading King Lear for the first time.