I just want to write, again

Something about music, because that is something I have not done these past few months.

Often I wish I could get a dual graduate degree in English Literature and Musicology. I don’t want my musical training to go to waste, and I also want to keep on learning about music, even after I graduate. I’m torn. I want to be proficient enough in my knowledge of music so I can write comfortably about it, and continue discussing it intelligently and fluently. At the same time, I want to get my PhD in lit and teach at a collegiate level.

The only thing that’s certain at this point is that I want to teach. Definitely at a college/university. I like planning out tests and quizzes and syllabi and making organized powerpoints and discussion questions. I like it a little too much.

I wonder if there’s some way to keep up with my study of music (in a non-performance way of course) even after I graduate? And do literature stuff at the same time?

So many questions.


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