In my secret life, I am a fatty

I have a secret dream of being a food reviewer. The past few days, I’ve been obsessed with a food photography/review website called Foodspotter. Basically, people can make profiles, take pictures of the food they eat at various restaurants, and upload them to the site. One can then write what type of food it is (seafood ramen), the restaurant at which they ate it (including address), and the category of food it belongs to (noodles, Japanese food, etc). Under that, the photographer can leave comments about their impressions. Was the seafood ramen too salty? Was it undercooked or over-dry? A lot of people opt not to do that, but a lot do. It’s a cool way for people to find good eats, and an even cooler way to celebrate food.

It wasn’t hard for me to set up a profile and upload halfway-decent pictures, as my friends and I have a list of must-eat restaurants around Rhode Island and Massachusetts that we are plowing through one by one throughout the school year. I had amassed a collection of pictures from reputable restaurants around Boston and Providence. I’d also like to think that through eating out I sort of cultivated my taste buds a little more for subtleties — less greasy, less salty, less sweet.

(Here’s my profile. Follow me!)

In addition, I have a food tumblr, wherein I simply reblog pictures of all kinds of food. Sadly, most of it isn’t my own photography, but most of the photography there is very nice, and it’s as much a homage to food photographers as it is to good food. Sometimes I reblog recipes, or restaurant recommendations, but not so much.

I feel as my current food goals all involve asian food. I seem to be craving a lot of asian food lately.

Things to do:

  • Find the best gyoza
  • Find the best chinese food near Providence
  • Eat lots of scallion pancakes/egg rolls
  • Return to Taiwan and eat lots of beef noodle soup/random chinese food
  • Find egg gummies and BUY THEM
  • Go to that restaurant in Taiwan which serves food in little dishes that look like toilet bowls

Speaking of food, I went to Harvard Square today. Next time I go there, I might try the Shabu-Ya restaurant that was right next to the Wagamama’s, though on Google it seems to have only 3.5 stars. There’s also a cupcake shop which has a very good reputation. And also a local frozen yogurt place called Berryline which has lots of good reviews. Clearly I need to visit this place in the summer.

One Response to “In my secret life, I am a fatty”
  1. Meg says:

    Oh, I am obsessed with food photography — and cooking, baking and eating, of course. I’d never heard of Foodspotting but am definitely going to check it out. Another website to obsess over — love it!

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