My friend me sent me a link to this interactive visualization of the scale of the universe, designed by Cary and Michael Huang. Starting from very small to very larger, this tool helps viewers grasp the size of the universe in relationship to familiar and unfamiliar objects. There’s beach balls, ants, quarks, Rhode Island, and more. You can click on objects to find out more information. For instance, have you ever heard of the Eridanus Supervoid? It’s a region in the sky that’s slightly cooler than its surroundings (a cold spot), and it’s the largest area known that is completely devoid of galaxies. Hard to explain why it is the way it is, but according to the blurb, one theory says that it leads to a parallel universe.

Or the Sloan Great Wall, which is the largest known object in the universe?

What really blows my mind is when you get to larger and larger objects, ultimately ending with the size of the known universe in the midst of the larger expanse of the universe as estimated by scientists. It really adds some perspective…


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