For Tea Lovers

It looks like this spring break I’ll be reblogging weird and interesting stuff that I find. Over the past couple of days, I’ve been finding a lot of cool tea-related things.

Found on Designtaxi:

Chicago-based industrial designer Eddie Gandelman has come up a thermos for tea lovers that comes with a timer and spool.

The clever concept design, called ‘TEA Thermos’ uses a rotating timer mechanism connected to a spool.

All you simply have to do is clip on the tea bag and set your desired time.

When the timer dial inches towards ‘zero’, the spool retracts the tea bag out of the water, resulting in tea brewed to perfection!

I am something of a tea fiend — I have so many different kinds of tea, both bagged and loose leaf. And as I have a Providence College thermos that is already falling apart after two months, this is what I need. I have this habit of leaving tea steeping for extended amounts of time, which I know is bad both because it makes the tea taste kind of nasty and bitter and because it’s health-wise not that great to over steep tea.

Speaking of tea, I also saw these teacups on Design Milk, which is another of those fantastic design blogs:

Based in Seoul, Korea, the design studio Tale Co., Ltd.’s Moon Glass isn’t just your ordinary glass. The ceramic cup shows a full moon when it’s full of liquid, then as your drink, it slowly unveils a half moon, then a crescent-shaped moon. Available in two sizes and in black and white, drink your colorful beverages in the white and your turbid rice wine or sake, as they suggest, in your black one.

Click to read more

It’s a very simple design, but very attractive, visually. Who knew that drinking milk (or rice wine) could be so fun? I think the black one is my favorite, but since I’m lactose intolerant, I don’t drink milk all that much. There are a couple of different sizing options at the site, but I don’t know how obtainable they are in the United States. The comments on Design Milk say that if you email Tale for a list of retailers, they probably would reply… and their Facebook page is always accessible. I’ve likewise sent them a message because I can think of a few people who would love to receive something like this as a gift.

Read more at the original site.


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