The Music Room

On Design Milk this morning: 

New House 2011 is a design event that happens in Santa Catarina, Brazil, in which designers create spaces based on a theme or type of room. Music Room was a concept, designed by interior designers Salvio Moraes Jr. and Moacir Schmitt Jr. of CASAdesign Interiores, for people to enjoy music in a modern space.

I think they mean more of the kind of a room which has a great sound system so that a group of friends can listen to music coming out of excellent speakers in a nice big room with an ambience to fit. However, when I first read about it, I thought immediately of a small, intimate concert venue for people to enjoy live performances of 20th-21st century classical music. I like cozy coffee-house type performance settings where people are just chilling with their books, even though I haven’t had much exposure to this type of setting. It made me think of the idea of salon concerts, which were held in places like Paris back in the 17th or 18th century. A rich person would set up a gathering in a large room in their mansion where people could congregate and talk about art and science and philosophy and literature. The more intimate setting allowed people to meet each other, make connections, and bounce ideas off each other. Often at these gatherings, musicians would play smaller-scale chamber or keyboard works. It was a largely different setting from a concert hall, but still immensely fruitful for audience and performers.

I’m not sure how the acoustics would be with the space and the carpeting, though. I’m not too much a fan of the blue-green shelves either (something about the color doesn’t fit) but I like the black ones.


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