There’s just not enough time for all the things I have to do.

I had been studying the math section of the GRE and had realized that either this book was very very bad at explaining math problems, or I was severely deficient in math. I just couldn’t understand the wording for the life of me. I’m not a mathematically minded person, and I have to take the GREs end of May, so I was panicking. Today I talked to a friend from church who had done the GREs, and she told me that she too had found the GRE math section ridiculously difficult, and so had a lot of her engineering/computer science friends. So it’s not just me. I felt better after that knowing that I wasn’t the only one who found it ridiculous. I have not done math since freshman year of college! I probably will not have to do it again after I graduate, either.

I looked at a literature GRE subject test, and even though I’ve done really well in the literature classes I’ve taken so far, I still am far behind and would definitely fail if I took it right now. Thank God I’m not taking that until November. The plan is to buy the Princeton Review GRE literature book, spend the summer browsing my anthologies (I have the 18th century poetry, modern poetry, Romantic-20th century Norton Anthologies) and try to fill the gaps in my knowledge. I don’t know nearly enough about 17th century literature onward, and I have studied Shakespeare but have not taken any straight-up Shakespeare classes. I am really thankful that I took Age of Satire, though. So that’s doable.

After that, I decided to go look up graduate programs for English literature just to figure out where might be good to apply. The result was the overwhelming feeling that I would definitely not get into any Phd programs because I don’t have an “idea.” Also my GPA sucks and I don’t have any foreign languages. Ugh. (Though I am going to take both French and German in the same semester.)

I’m also going to meet with my English advisor soon and talk to him about any other books/anthologies/time periods in which to look up. And then meet with my English thesis advisor and talk about putting together a bang-up senior thesis because I have no idea what to do about that either. Hopefully things will turn out ok. And that I will stop panicking.

One Response to “There’s just not enough time for all the things I have to do.”
  1. Ashley (futurewriter13) says:

    you’re not the only one having trouble with math on the GRE! i’m having trouble as well. i’m not a huge fan of math, and it was never my favorite subject in school. some of the problems in the practice math section i know how to do, and others i’m clueless about. i’m fine with the literature/english section, and i’m also fine with the writing section. good luck! just keep practicing too, because the more you practice, the better you’ll do! 🙂

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