so much happened this weekend.

1. I played a first movement of a piano concerto, by Mozart, for the first time, with an orchestra. It definitely marks a high point in my musical career thus far, at least until my senior recital. It was a wonderful experience and I am extremely fortunate to have done so.

The sad part is that I don’t know when I’m going to do anything of the sort again. It’s as though I’m bidding farewell to piano, and in a sense that’s what it is. If I go to graduate school in English literature after I leave Providence College, I don’t see much opportunity for performing piano concertos, or recitals in general. And people say, oh, it’s such a shame that you’re leaving all this behind. Wasted talent. But then I think I knew that I would never go into performance, even starting out as a major.

Bowing to the inevitability. And so it goes.

A lot of my friends came and they gave me flowers and cards and hugs… and I am so grateful to have such wonderful friends. My parents and some church friends came as well, and I am so glad that they could come. That’s not counting the numerous friends who texted and called and facebooked and tweeted their encouragement. It’s to them for telling me never to give up.

2. I made my percussion debut with Symphonic Winds, playing the bass drum, sleigh balls, and slapstick. It was awesome. And apparently I will be playing the bass drum for commencement weekend…

3. My friends and I had an impromptu photo shoot, all dressed up, for nostalgia’s sake. One of our very dear friends is graduating this semester, and we will all miss her. It was a little emotional for all of us, but really nice to take out our nice outfits and take lots of cute pictures.

I think it just struck me how fast everything passes, and how soon I will be in the same position as her.

4. I also wore the highest heels I have ever worn, and played piano in them. Four-five inches? Yeah, bring it on. I have never played piano in any sort of heels before. I think I’m going to make it a habit.

5. I got roped into participating in the ballet company’s ballet premiere — Facebook messages from both the composer and choreographer asking me to help them out. I’ll be playing piano (a real piano, hopefully) alongside some other musicians and dancers. This will be scary, as it’s less than three weeks to the performance and I don’t have the music yet, and I don’t want to sight read this performance. (See a blog post I wrote about them here.) It will be an exciting experience, that’s for sure. And how exciting to be communications intern turned pianist. This is a more active role than I ever envisioned, that’s for sure.

Isn’t it weird? I’m sitting up at 2:30 AM thinking about all this stuff.

I should go to bed.


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