I’m going to a wine tasting!

The ballet company I intern for, The State Ballet of Rhode Island, has their annual wine tasting this Thursday, just a few nights away, and it’s their biggest fundraiser event of the year. I’ve been busy all this week and the last putting together emails reminding our contacts to send in their RSVPs, and updating … Continue reading

Post GRE

I survived the GRE with decent enough scores that I don’t have to take it again. I haven’t gotten my essay scores yet, so let’s hope that I haven’t failed those. But so far, the most daunting part (I SO KNOW I am going to eat these words later in the application process) of the … Continue reading

Oh, Taiwan, how I’ve missed you

One of the highlights of this summer is my trip to Taiwan. I haven’t been to Taiwan in five years, and I have not seen my relatives in that time. I also haven’t been on a plane in five years, and I haven’t travelled anywhere outside the United States for that amount of time as … Continue reading

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Music to Move By Most music moves us to move. I discovered this as a child, before I had ever seen dancing: my father played classical records at home, and when the music was on I often found myself in motion across the living-room floor, giving form to…

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[Article first published as Music Review: Klara Min – Pa-mun: Ripples on Water (Piano Music from Korea)¬†on Blogcritics.] In the midst of a dominant Western classical music tradition, Asian classical composers tend to get overlooked, whether it be in live performance or in recordings. Few know that…

Am I being anal? Probably.

(I wrote this a week or two ago and decided to wait a while to publish it.) Saw a weird argument tonight on a facebook event over whether the word “penultimate” was used incorrectly or not. As an English major, I am biting my tongue right now, but it is 1 AM and I need … Continue reading