Oh, Taiwan, how I’ve missed you

One of the highlights of this summer is my trip to Taiwan. I haven’t been to Taiwan in five years, and I have not seen my relatives in that time. I also haven’t been on a plane in five years, and I haven’t travelled anywhere outside the United States for that amount of time as well. I’m pretty excited, both in terms of experiencing different cultures and seeing new things as well as catch-up time with relatives, including my cousin’s new baby son.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I like to make lists. The Taiwan list includes such things as…

1. EAT ALL THE THINGS. I’m pretty sure we ate out as many as seven times a week. That doesn’t include visiting friends who would then stuff us with more food.


3. Shop for stationery, invitations to my senior recital, and senior recital dresses/formal wear.

4. SEE ALL THE PLACES. I remember the Chiang Kai-Shek memorial, various mountains and hot spring places, taking the subway to Danshui and eating street food, etc. Even the supermarkets were a novelty. So many different kinds of snacks and drinks!

Most of all, I will be able to take the time to hang out with relatives and catch up.

A sobering fact is that this might be the last time my family goes to see them together. My brother and I are graduating less than a year from now, my sister is going to be a college freshman, and who knows when we can get together as a family and travel to places? Not to mention that travel is expensive, hence why my parents save up and then travel every couple of years. I’m kind of bummed about that. Usually we’d go during the winter at Chinese New Year when it’s cheaper and when our relatives have time off from work, but due to our school schedules it became kind of difficult.

Oh Taiwan, how I’ve missed you… the only things standing between me and vacation in Taiwan are the GREs, a recording session, and a computer fixing session.


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