I’m going to a wine tasting!

The ballet company I intern for, The State Ballet of Rhode Island, has their annual wine tasting this Thursday, just a few nights away, and it’s their biggest fundraiser event of the year. I’ve been busy all this week and the last putting together emails reminding our contacts to send in their RSVPs, and updating the facebook and twitter accounts regularly. I’m supposed to be writing emails to get people excited about it, but I find that the more I write about it, the more excited I get about it. We will be tasting wines from the Trinchero Family Estates of California.

It’s also my first wine tasting, so I thought I’d put together a set of cool wine/whiskey glasses that I found online.

I was looking for a ballerina/ballet inspired wine glass set, and it was a little hard finding things that weren’t too childish. Think little crude clay ballerinas hanging off the stems of wine glasses. I think that these wine glasses, made by Waterford Crystal, strike the perfect note of elegance. The ballet-inspiration was very gracefully designed for all its simplicity, I think. Check out the description:

Inspired by the swirls and elegance of ribbons on ballet point shoes, the Ballet Ribbon Essence Collection is characterized by uncomplicated, clean lines and a single ribbon of delicate etching reminiscent of the graceful elements and sweeping orchestrations of dance. Ideal for serving both red and white wine, these graceful Ballet Ribbon Essence Wine glasses offer a fresh interpretation of traditional Waterford design.

They’re for sale on Amazon for as low as $128.00 a pair.

Even though I don’t drink whiskey, I think these whiskey glasses, designed and created by design company Loris&Livia, are pretty cool, and I’ve been a fan of them for a while:

They look a bit out of shape, a bit wrong, just like the world around you when you get tipsy!

Reminders of the merry atmosphere in over-crowded bars, standing like happy cocktail lovers defying the laws of gravity, our glasses were put in a kiln at a very high temperature until reaching their melting point. The process resulted in a slow deformation of the pieces while preserving their original identity. You can buy Tipsy from LORIS&LIVIA’s Boutique.

I thought for a while about getting these for my grandfather, but the price tag is a bit steep (100 dollars, about, for six small glasses), and he does have a lot of glasses… it’s also very limited and hard to get. The company is also in East London, which would make shipping rather delicate.

Here’s another set of wine glasses that I really like. These glasses double as music instruments, with etchings for wine levels corresponding to certain pitches. When the glass is filled to a certain pitch, the drinker can run his or her finger along the rim of the glass to create the note. (One can also rap the glass to create the pitch.) It takes the dinner party to a whole new level, and I feel as though my musician friends would greatly enjoy these. (Imagine all the songs we could make!)

From rounds of “Row, row, row your boat” to more ambitious orchestrations, you’re sure to strike a chord with the guests at your next soiree with this set of glasses that covers a full 12-note octave from A flat to G. Made in Austria from lead-free crystal.

You could get them for sale here. A set of 2 costs $65. Currently they are out of stock until early June.

Here’s a more affordable variation on the tipsy wine glasses. The stems are merely bent a little bit, but the bases are strong enough to keep them standing upright. I think the pair costs 25 dollars, which is very affordable compared to the rest of the stuff I’ve spotlighted. They are fun and simple. Unfortunately they’re also out of stock but should be back within two-four weeks.

By the way, if you’re looking for household items a bit out of the ordinary, Uncommon Goods seems to be a pretty good site.

Drink responsibly!


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