Cama Coffee (咖啡)

I recently saw a picture on Facebook of one of my professors exploring Korean coffee culture during a visit to South Korea. The accompanying picture seemed more like a milk than a coffee. I was a little hard pressed to remember whether there was anything unique about Taiwanese coffee culture, other than coffee green tea … Continue reading

Sushi (壽司)

One thing I’ve always felt painfully aware of is the inadequacy of Rhode Island sushi as compared to actual sushi made in Asia. This is inevitable. It would make sense that sushi closer to the source would be much more authentic, and depending on the standards of each Japanese restaurant, quality can differ quite greatly. … Continue reading

Snack Adventures 3: Candy in Taiwan (糖果)

I’ve also had the opportunity to try a variety of candy in Taiwan, as candy is easy to find in various convenience stores, drug stores, and whatnot. The fun thing about candy in Asia, as with any other country, is that one can find all sorts of different flavors that one can’t find in the … Continue reading

Reading in Taiwan

I’m supposed to continue my academic development while I’m here in Taiwan. At least that’s what I tell myself, but in reality, all I have done is enhance my knowledge of food related things, especially desserts. Contrary to what my previous blog posts tell the reader, not all I have done here is eat, though. … Continue reading

Snack Adventures 2: peanut candy and coffee green tea

Here’s another roundup of various snacks and desserts. The first one, It’s called 車輪餅, or “wheel pie” in Chinese, and true to name, it consists of a round hard dough shell around a gooey inside that is made of either yam, custard, or red bean. It’s also a good and convenient street food, and is quite … Continue reading

Dan Shui (淡水)

Or Tamsui? Yesterday, my family and various relatives went to visit Danshui, which is right near the ocean. It’s a popular tourist attraction in Taipei because it has beautiful scenery (mountains and ocean), and as a result it has a lot of street-side vendors, gift shops, and other attractions. There’s also a boat which takes … Continue reading