Snack Adventures 2: peanut candy and coffee green tea

Here’s another roundup of various snacks and desserts. The first one, It’s called 車輪餅, or “wheel pie” in Chinese, and true to name, it consists of a round hard dough shell around a gooey inside that is made of either yam, custard, or red bean. It’s also a good and convenient street food, and is quite popular on the go. The inside is a little sweet. The picture on the right is of the red bean filling.

Below is a picture of the snack, all nicely packaged into a brown paper bag. There was a small stand nearby the apartment where we’re saying which sold them for 20 NT (New Taiwan dollars) a piece, or less (can’t remember exactly). That’s the equivalent of maybe 65 cents a piece? It really does look like a wheel.

Below is a (blurry) picture of the custard. I ate the custard and it was delicious — not too sweet and sticky to be overwhelming.

Here on the left is a picture not of a snack, but of an interesting drink I had. Coffee green tea is apparently a “thing” in Taiwan, and is sold in bottle form in lots of convenience stores and markets. It tastes like coffee mixed with green tea. I talked to a friend who loves his coffee back at home, and he said that he would never have thought of mixing green tea and coffee (sort of like mixing cannoli and clams to him). It’s a very strange combination, and I’m not sure that I liked it. It tastes like coffee, but it also tastes like green tea? Weird.

And finally, here’s a picture of a peanut-milk candy that my mother found in a bakery. It can be homemade, and has a consistency not unlike caramel in its tackiness, but tastes like milk and peanut and is quite chewy. I quite enjoyed the consistency I think this one has pistachio in it, but I’m not very sure. Again, the picture is blurry because I took it at night outside the bakery and tried to get a picture with my phone camera.

I wonder if we’re going to bring the peanut candy home?


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