Better than Pastiche?

For someone that really enjoys Pastiche Fine Desserts on Federal Hill in Rhode Island but is too broke to visit Pastiche frequently, it’s nice to find desserts that are both tasty, beautiful, and affordable. Unfortunately, that place, for me, is in Taiwan. The night before I left Taiwan, my aunt (小舅媽) decided to buy us a bunch of assorted cakes from the nearby Ijysheng bakery. I don’t mean to continually compare things in Taiwan to things back home in Rhode Island, but compared to Taiwan, things here are so much more expensive. For instance, these really nice cakes all cost about a two dollars to three dollars each, compared to the five to seven I’ve found in Pastiche or even LaSalle Bakery, for similar quality.

My 小舅 decided to help me out in taking pictures for my blog, and since the table at home was so filled with food, he took a book and placed the cake on top. You can see my cousin’s ear in the background of the photo — my uncle told him to lower his head so as not to ruin the picture. The pictures still didn’t turn out that good: my iPhone has trouble taking pictures in settings where there’s a lot of lighting coming from directly overhead, and I was a little bit in a hurry because I wanted to eat.

The dessert on the left is a strawberry yogurt mousse (I think) (草莓摩絲?). It is topped with whipped cream, a cherry, and a little white chocolate roll thing. And a sprig of mint. There’s real strawberries in the bottom. This bakery pays a lot of attention to packaging, and you can see how they put it in a plastic cup with a handle! My little brother wanted to keep the cup.

We also got a tiramisu cup as well as a regular tiramisu slice, which I forgot to take a picture of.

Here is a peach mango mousse cake, also topped with a pretty white chocolate roll and a heart-shaped piece of chocolate. And whipped cream. It tasted very definitively of mango and peach — no skimping on the fruits there.

Here’s a chocolate cake (巧克力蛋糕) with layers of mousse. It was topped with a sliver of white chocolate and an eatable bakery logo. The taste was not too sweet, which I like about Asian desserts in general,  and the mousse was very delicate. The chocolate cake layers had a wonderful texture.

I can’t remember exactly what this one was, but it’s beautiful. My sister ate it, and she said it was a chocolate mint something. There’s a dark chocolatey shell with layers of white and brown inside. White and brown chocolate? Those are sprigs of mint on the top, another eatable bakery logo, and the white chocolate swirl things. It was placed on a gold foil “plate.”

The last one, a matcha mousse cake (抹茶蛋糕), was my choice to eat. It was layered with green tea and sesame. I forgot what the white layer was, but it has whole red beans in it. It’s a little difficult to find this where I live, probably because there’s not a lot of rage for matcha desserts or red bean. I’m not sure what the things on top are. At first I thought they were marshmallows or mochi, but they were hard and crunchy. The cake was dusted with powdered sugar.

If anyone who lives in Rhode Island finds matcha cake anywhere, be sure to let me know! In the meantime, I will continue to visit Pastiche.


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