Deco tape is another of these things that is easy to find in any stationery shop in Taiwan, Korea, or Japan, but more expensive and hard to find here. Googling “deco tape” turns up online shops with names like “Japanese Gift Market” and information that a lot of these tapes come from Asia. Importation unfortunately bumps up the price. Another name for this tape is “washi” tape, which originates in Japan. It’s like really pretty masking tape made out of paper, though less delicate than it looks.

For someone who is so attached to literature like The Waste Land, 20th century classical music, and T.S. Eliot’s wonderful early poetry, it may be a little weird that I also like stuff like this. Though there is a limit to the cutesy. Maybe my recent visit to Taiwan revived my interest in cute things.

In Taiwan, they come in these small pocket sized rolls in different patterns and colors. They are quite cute! When I was in Taiwan, I bought one roll, and then thinking that I had already bought a lot, didn’t buy any more. One of the things I will regret… The roll on the right is a fabric tape that someone gave me before I left for Taiwan.

The one on the left is the one I bought from Taiwan. It is decorated with cute lions and donkeys. It cost a little less than a dollar a roll. The tape is really pretty, slightly transparent, and waxy like masking tape. It’s very cheery, and I used it to decorate a recent letter to a friend.

Closer look at the packaging.

On my 17-hour layover in Japan, I bought the washi tape on the right in a really cute gift store. It cost about 3.50 in US money. It looks really nice, and I did want something from Japan.

If you search for washi tape on Etsy, for instance, you’ll find a lot sold in up to 10-20 rolls for pretty reasonable prices. The selection mostly comes in simple patterns like stripes or dots or solids, though, and I think the fun about it is the myriad designs that these come in. Another online store which has a nice assortment is cutetape.com, which sells not only Japanese washi tape, but rubber stamps, stickers, sticky notes, and more. It even sells the tape on the right for about 10 dollars.  The tape is a little pricey at 4 dollars for the really nice tape, and the assortment is, of course, not as vibrant as those sold directly in Asian stores.

*I’ve also got to be really bored at home to be writing about deco tape.

3 Responses to “washi”
  1. bunnyisms says:

    Washi is a strong Japanese paper usually used in the making of many things. It is often used in fans. It is also used in book restoration for fixing ripped pages. If you have ever seen a ripped page that was repaired with it, it is very difficult to tell that the page was once ripped.

  2. where in taiwan you bought the cute washi tapes????:D

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