Isn’t it weird that there’s only part of August left? Means that the time frame I sort of gave myself for completing a lot of things kind of slipped past while I was in Taiwan and Maine, respectively. I gave myself August to 1. do at least a draft of a personal statement and 2. read five scholarly book article thingies for senior thesis and the second one sort of happened because I read one scholarly book article thing and I am almost done with the second. I’m adding to that a third thing or things: learn the first piece of the Estampes set by Debussy, memorize two movements of the Beethoven sonata, and finish learning the Prelude and Fugue in D Major by Bach (WTC II).

Here are the Big Things next year for me, at least until spring.

1. Senior thesis (fall 2012)
2. Graduate school applications (winter 2012)
3. Senior recital (spring 2013)
4. Graduation (spring 2013)

Embarrassing thing: I actually listed #2 as “College Applications.” Those were the days.

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