Max Feldman, or How Not to Write About Music

“Max Feldman: someone has to tear you a new one. It might as well be me.” – Proper Discord

Great blog post, IMO. This is a funny follow-up. A few months ago, I stumbled across the original review via Alex Ross’s twitter account. I was in an airport at the time on the way to Taiwan, so just RTed, added “hahaha really” or something of the sort, and left it at that. Got off the plane at Taiwan, and there was a tweet from Max Feldman himself.

I was confused and groggy from a rather miserable plane ride, so I didn’t realize at first that this was THE Max Feldman that had just tweeted me. The result:

Ok. This sounds arrogant, period. The phrase “dick move” does not particularly appeal to me, especially in discussion/debate, and neither does the accusation that whatever I thought was unfounded. Also: bro? I’m a girl. End result: very angry little asian girl.

He tried to say something about how he was all about dialogue, but I felt completely dismissive at that point. I am still not sure whether to be ashamed of this or not, but I ended up, with all the maturity in the world, telling him that I couldn’t take him seriously and that he should grow up, and that such rudeness was the completely wrong way to start a dialogue.

Here’s the last of it. 

But still. What a weird experience.


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