Music as Food

This was GOOD.

About a month ago, at a piano concert, one of the AMF piano fellows mentioned that in their attempt to put together a coherent program, they ended up putting together something that resembled “the appetizer platter at TGI Friday’s.” I commented on Facebook later that I didn’t think this was a Bad Thing necessarily, and that I have had awesome and satisfying appetizer dinners (which in retrospect was a really really good way to describe this concert).

This music as food comparison could go a long way. I think a past concert description I wrote described a particular concert as being a “menu full of musical treats sure to please everyone.” I was very hungry at the time. But menu planning and recital programming have many things in common… maybe? You could have the kind of menu that combines eclectic tastes and aesthetically pleasing dishes. Each individual dish tastes really good on its own, so it’s a joy to sample them. You could have the kind of programming that has really good “appetizer” type dishes that are extremely satisfying in their own way.

It’s having appetizer dinners all the time that could be a big dull. Or having McDonalds on a daily basis.

Some really awesome menu planning is concerned with what wine would taste good with the lamb and its marinade, and whether the broccoli florets in a butter sauce could be followed by a roast chicken stuffed with bread crumbs, or would that be too heavy? When you have a French food course, do you want food from different periods in France’s culinary history? Everything is put together in a way that totally makes sense in a beautiful way without being too obvious or contrived. It all looks perfectly effortless and is an entirely enjoyable experience.

But after it’s over, what you’re left is the wonderful awareness that you’ve just had a really really good meal, and that’s not something you’re likely to forget in a hurry.


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