vocabulary lessons: “something”

The vocabulary used to describe/define relationships, or non-relationships, is very interesting. “I thought we had something.” “She has a thing for him.” That’s very vague, isn’t it? I suppose the point is that the vagueness of the word is such that it comes to mean something after a while, even if not explicitly spelled out. Something has a wealth of connotations: I liked you, I thought you liked me, what about that time we hung out and talked, etc. Something is underwhelming. Maybe we turn to vague vocabulary to emphasize our failure to express something so full of meaning and emotion and history (i.e., relationships. How do you sum up a relationship?). Something could mean anything, but it could also mean everything.

Or maybe it’s just a dumb way of saying that one can’t bring oneself up to the effort to say exactly what it is that she means.


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