overly conscious about language?

I feel as though the more I read, the more self-conscious I feel about my speaking and writing. Is this normal?

2 Responses to “overly conscious about language?”
  1. LiteratureXpedition says:

    I feel that too! It’s as though the more you read (and especially since people know you read), the more your vocabulary list should build up which adds pressure to the way you speak and write as people expect you to use ‘big’ words. So I hope this is normal because we’re in the same boat!

  2. michael says:

    Huh, I’ve never felt this… maybe it’s because I consciously try to keep a limited vocabulary (as in, using simple words and hopefully nothing you’d ever have to go to a dictionary to discover), but I have at times felt apprehension. Not about what to say, but whether to use words at all.

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