So I used to read a lot of fantasy…

767580Last week I stopped by the library to renew my library card, and ended up picking up something by Tamora Pierce. I’ve never read anything by her but I think she’s a popular YA author known for her strong female heroines. The book I picked up is called Trickster’s Choice and here’s the synopsis from

Tamora Pierce brings readers another Tortall adventure! Alianne is the teenage daughter of the famed Alanna, the first lady knight in Tortall. Young Aly follows in the quieter footsteps of her father, however, delighting in the art of spying. When she is captured and sold as a slave to an exiled royal family in the faraway Copper Islands, it is this skill that makes a difference in a world filled with political intrigue, murderous conspiracy, and warring gods. This is the first of two books featuring Alianne.

Her books about Alanna are supposedly better, but so far I’ve found a lot to complain about and have been moving through this book pretty slowly. I’m more than halfway through, but I have not deciphered ANY changes whatsoever in the main character. In the beginning, she was snotty and rude to her mother (who definitely had legitimate concerns about her 16-year-old daughter’s lack of purpose), and treated life as a joke/adventure. That did not change. I was hoping that becoming a slave would make her aware of the “real world” and the seriousness of the whole enterprise (she’s juggling high stakes, especially in regard to the political situation in the book and VERY potential murders). But no, life still is a joke, she gets things handed to her, does everything perfectly without missing a step, and as a result she does not change. I don’t get a sense that she had to work for what she’s got. The Gift (magic!!) was given to her through genetics, her road is paved for her by the god (oh yeah, there’s a distinct strain of Chosen One here), and she applies her skills with so much dexterity that no one ever doubts what she’s saying.

It’s very Mary Sue-ish.

Other than that Tamora Pierce seems to be a good writer who can create interesting characters and interesting scenes. Just not the main character.

14 hours ago, I posted on Goodreads, “I’m on page 233 of 422 of Trickster’s Choice: A character who never gets anything wrong and who is perfect and has everything handed to her is absolutely tiresome. I wish Dove had been the main character. ”

Dove is the 12 year old daughter of the duke Aly is a slave to, and is smart as a whip, comes to brilliant conclusions just from watching and listening, and also does not have everything handed to her. I’m rooting for her.


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