life changes

IMG_7128Ever since I graduated, I haven’t been in one place for more than a few weeks. The day after graduation, I was on a plane to Taiwan, where I spent three weeks seeing relatives, eating, and sightseeing. I came back a bit more than a week ago. This Wednesday, I’m leaving for Indiana to scout out apartments, and will be back Friday. Then I will leave about a week after that for Waterville, Maine, for four weeks at a summer festival. After I come back, I have about six days before I move to Bloomington for my PhD.

How do you deal with big changes? All of this traveling has led to a weird sense of unrootedness. I lived in the same state all my life, even going to the same school there. I haven’t been to the Midwest for longer than a few days, and now I’m going to live there for six years or more if all goes well with the degree. Are there certain things people do to prepare for big life changes? If you have some advice about the following things, I think I need it. I have never done this before, and I’m not sure how I will react.

If you had a big life change, how did you deal with it?

Here are all the things that are preoccupying me at the moment:

  • Living in the Midwest (or in Bloomington, Indiana specifically)
  • Apartment hunting strategies
  • Advice about meeting people? How did you make friends?
  • Any easy recipes? I don’t know how to cook.

In the meantime, there are so many people I’d like to thank for their support and kindness over the past four years while I was at college figuring my life out. Or for the people who will be encouraging me in the next few years…

In any case, I’ll be shaping up a few proper blog posts soon, possibly about my trip to Taiwan.

3 Responses to “life changes”
  1. kkellie says:

    I can’t offer you specific answers, Abby. No doubt you are facing some major, major life changes. Scary and exhausting and exciting. If I had any advice for you it would be to embrace each new thing, and try not worry about the next. You shall get through it, I’m thinking. You’re going to see things, do things, that will test your mettle and enrich your life in ways you can’t imagine.

    You know where your family is. You’ll be seeing them and you have a computer, phone. You’re going to become more self-sufficient, and the more you find you can handle, the more confident you will be. You’ll meet people in your classes. Sometimes a smile is all it takes or a friendly comment. I’m not much of a cook so I can’t help you there but there are a ton of recipes on the web, and lots of easy things to make like grilled cheezers and fresh salads. Keep plenty of local fruits and veggies on hand, popcorn’s a great snack and cheap.

    You’ll do fine, I think. Wishing you every good thing.

  2. jehhillenberg says:

    Hi Abby 🙂

    Coming over from AW. Wow, sounds so exciting, all the changes you’re experiencing. Also sounds like you’re super busy. Can’t really offer any advice since I’m in a similar position as you, more or less. I hope all goes well.


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