Labor Day Weekend

BTF6XQBCQAA0pEH.jpg-largeToday was rather unexpected. Went to the library, checked out things, went to Red Mango, had my first Red Mango froyo which was delicious (pina colada + pomegranate, amiright) and got some reading done (I did NOT know that Eliot wrote a short story), went to the public library and checked out more books, found out that the public library here lets you check out books even if you’ve forgotten your library card, happened to see that there was an arts festival across the street, got a bubble tea (the situation/pricing of bubble tea in this town is a demonstration of economics) and some fried rice and a free crab rangoon (the Chinese lady probably thought I was anorexic), and saw a lot of cool art/handicrafts/you name it.

upbeatThere was a husband wife team, Marvin and Michelle Shafer, that makes mobiles and jewelry. I want this clock. They’re based in Chicago. Here’s their website, which doesn’t have the full extent of their works:

I was amused by a photography booth, mainly because the photographer has the same name (first and last) as a former English professor of mine. What if he moonlighted as a photographer when he wasn’t written papers about life and literature in the 1700s? That aside, I like the style of his photography, and he has notecards that I contemplate purchasing and then sending to said professor anonymously at regular intervals. They have his last name on the back and said professor could always pretend that he took the pictures.

I’d also like to talk about this absolutely gorgeous jewelry which is a wonderful fusion of metalwork and polymer clay. Grace Stokes’s jewelry is based mainly on natural forms, as her artist statement says, and abstract designs. The clay is a versatile inlay combined with sterling silver. The photography on her website is beautiful. I recommend checking out her jewelry.

Not bad for Labor Day weekend.

It was a good day.


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