Week 4 in Bloomington


Life has settled into a routine: I go to the farmer’s market every two weeks, go buy groceries once a week every Monday, go to the libraries (public and school) every Sunday, and so on. The routine may not be the most exciting, but it’s comforting. Grad school is going well — hard to believe the first month is almost over!

In about a week and a half from now, I’ll be in St. Louis for the T.S. Eliot Society Annual Meeting to present a paper on Chopin and Eliot. I’m pretty excited and nervous, probably moreso because I feel as though the paper needs some more editing. Waiting on some friends to get the comments back on those.

There hasn’t been too much going on outside of school and professional activities, but on the left is a picture of a wall project I did right before school started. It’s unfinished because I think it’s missing a branch and I haven’t added all the birds. It has also progressed significantly since this picture.

IMG_8624Other notes: I really like the cafe gift shop here. It’s really small and cute and well-decorated with a nice selection of things. Might use this place to buy all the Christmas gifts. The tea and coffee is also pretty good. White ginger pear — recommended. It’s my drug of choice. Not horribly priced either.

Read Updike reviews. I think he’s good. I don’t think I’ll ever become that knowledgeable to write authoritatively about anything. Ha.

Eliot’s dissertation: W.T.F.

The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter was so savory. The Riddlemaster of Hed less so. Dispossessed by Le Guin — difficult but wonderful.

I also bought an enormous onion for a dollar at the farmer’s market.



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