2013 into 2014

BcodlRpIYAAQmEtI don’t blog that much these days, but felt the need for some reflection especially since 2013 was so rough (but eventful). So many things have happened, and I’m desperately looking forward to 2014.

Things I accomplished in 2013:

  • Presented a senior recital
  • Graduated (with highest GPA in English)
  • Helped coordinate a classical music festival
  • Moved to Indiana and started a Ph.D. program at Indiana University’s Department of English
  • Presented my first conference paper in September
  • Finished one semester of graduate study somewhat successfully
  • Read 211 books in the past year (my Goodreads account is here)
  • Co-started a site devoted to reviewing all things sound-related
I read this book about the pre-history of manga. Got the book for Christmas!

I read this book about the pre-history of manga. Got the book for Christmas! These guys are playing tug-of-war with their necks

That’s not to say that 2013 has marked the return of some old dispensations: depressive tendencies, insecurities about my abilities, and rampant loneliness (especially now that I’ve moved away from my home). Laying what I have done out in list form makes me less discouraged about what I have accomplished and allows me to view 2013 more objectively.

On the bright side, I have taken more initiative on things, like propelling my professional career, and checking out interesting books from the library, like books on fashion design and typography (my latest interest). The conference was a big step for me in making connections that will be valuable to me in the future. I just need to keep things up. 

Other great things:

  • Had so much excellent food with people this break
  • Went to Newport a few days ago! The gingerbread house is a model of one of the mansions. Went to the Breakers, and now I know that Anderson Cooper is a direct descendant of the Vanderbilts on his mother’s side
  • Drank lots of excellent coffees
  • Made friends in Indiana — am so fortunate to be in such a supportive cohort.
  • Kept in touch with good friends from home.

So I definitely have more growing to do as a person, but here’s to going forward. 

The Breakers

The Breakers


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