It begins, as most things begin, with a song.

The idea of music’s power is deeply ingrained into daily living, from ideas about what we get from the musical experience, to fears about its pervasiveness, to our creation myths. I’m somewhat obsessed with the idea of a sung creation myth, where it is not merely the words that “speak” everything into being, but the tune. Think … Continue reading

So I used to read a lot of fantasy…

Last week I stopped by the library to renew my library card, and ended up picking up something by Tamora Pierce. I’ve never read anything by her but I think she’s a popular YA author known for her strong female heroines. The book I picked up is called Trickster’s Choice and here’s the synopsis from Tamora … Continue reading

Do I dare? Literature Inspired Art

I’m all for literature-inspired art. Saw this on Facebook the other day, and I think it’s pretty cool. About the inspiration for this project, the artist, Evan Robertson, wrote, That’s the spirit of this series of illustrations. I took little snippets of text and ideas from some of my favorite authors (with some notable exceptions that … Continue reading

avoiding phenomenology

Finished Cat’s Cradle. Not sure how I felt about it, other than it was well-written, and that the horror of the ice-nine and everything involved with it was fully impressed on me. Started a new book: Roland Barthes’s Image, Music, Text. So far it’s been a really good read — the 25 pages of it I’ve … Continue reading

“Repetition is a form of change.”

I’ve often heard this line, from Brian Eno, repeated, especially regarding Philip Glass and minimalism (a recent talk by Bruce Brubaker of NEC at the Atlantic Music Festival comes to mind). Alex Ross also wrote in The Rest is Noise that “Repetition is inherent in the science of sound: tones move through space in periodic waves. … Continue reading


The really great thing about this festival is that it’s helping me out of the funk I-don’t-know-what-to-do-with-my-life kind of thing I’ve been going through for the past few months. I’m thinking again, and finding new things that make me excited, or rediscovering old things that made me excited. Right before school ended, there was this … Continue reading