What’s in my cup, August

Apple cinnamon tea, Lipton. Long-form blog posts are exhausting. Going to spend the day with a friend in Providence. Advertisements

Snack Adventures 2: peanut candy and coffee green tea

Here’s another roundup of various snacks and desserts. The first one, It’s called 車輪餅, or “wheel pie” in Chinese, and true to name, it consists of a round hard dough shell around a gooey inside that is made of either yam, custard, or red bean. It’s also a good and convenient street food, and is quite … Continue reading

Originally posted on Not Just Another Milla:
I discovered Spice Ways tea company when I went to the Berkeley Hotel for afternoon tea, where I tried their ‘Gorgeous Ginger’ fruit infusion. I didn’t think I’d like it much as I’m somewhat of a tea purist, but completely hooked, I was happy to receive ‘Posh Pomelo’…

For Tea Lovers

It looks like this spring break I’ll be reblogging weird and interesting stuff that I find. Over the past couple of days, I’ve been finding a lot of cool tea-related things. Found on Designtaxi: Chicago-based industrial designer Eddie Gandelman has come up a thermos for tea lovers that comes with a timer and spool. The clever concept design, … Continue reading