Better than Pastiche?

For someone that really enjoys Pastiche Fine Desserts on Federal Hill in Rhode Island but is too broke to visit Pastiche frequently, it’s nice to find desserts that are both tasty, beautiful, and affordable. Unfortunately, that place, for me, is in Taiwan. The night before I left Taiwan, my aunt (小舅媽) decided to buy us … Continue reading

Dan Shui (淡水)

Or Tamsui? Yesterday, my family and various relatives went to visit Danshui, which is right near the ocean. It’s a popular tourist attraction in Taipei because it has beautiful scenery (mountains and ocean), and as a result it has a lot of street-side vendors, gift shops, and other attractions. There’s also a boat which takes … Continue reading

The Jade Cabbage

Apparently the Chinese public has a real affinity towards food. This is supported by the fact that the two most famous items in the National Palace Museum are the Jadeite Cabbage and the Meat-Shaped Stone (a stone that was carved to look like pork in soy sauce). My family went there yesterday to look at … Continue reading

June 7: Taiwan

So far, the trip has been lovely. I have been here for a couple of days, and even the supermarkets fascinate me. I think I have to learn Chinese if only to order food at restaurants. Bubble tea hasn’t happened yet, but I am confident it will happen soon. It is very hot here, leaving … Continue reading

Oh, Taiwan, how I’ve missed you

One of the highlights of this summer is my trip to Taiwan. I haven’t been to Taiwan in five years, and I have not seen my relatives in that time. I also haven’t been on a plane in five years, and I haven’t travelled anywhere outside the United States for that amount of time as … Continue reading