overly conscious about language?

I feel as though the more I read, the more self-conscious I feel about my speaking and writing. Is this normal?

undue distress

Writing about music probably causes me the most amount of undue distress. Sometimes there seems to me to be a prescribed way to write about things, and a certain amount of pre-existing knowledge of technique and theory that needs to happen for me to write about music correctly, and all of which I don’t have. … Continue reading


At the end of the day, I do know the answer to my own question. Whether it will be convincing depends a lot on the steps I take and the work/effort involved to make my point to the people I want to convince (in this case it’s my English professors and grad schools). Depends also … Continue reading

If it’s convincing, it’s legitimate.

“If it’s convincing, it’s legitimate.” But convincing to whom? What criteria determines the convincingness, if you will, of the interpretation?

Max Feldman, or How Not to Write About Music

“Max Feldman: someone has to tear you a new one. It might as well be me.” – Proper Discord Great blog post, IMO. This is a funny follow-up. A few months ago, I stumbled across the original review via Alex Ross’s twitter account. I was in an airport at the time on the way to … Continue reading

Am I being anal? Probably.

(I wrote this a week or two ago and decided to wait a while to publish it.) Saw a weird argument tonight on a facebook event over whether the word “penultimate” was used incorrectly or not. As an English major, I am biting my tongue right now, but it is 1 AM and I need … Continue reading