Yes, Schoenberg, you and I can be friends

Randomly reading some music interviews last night. There was this interview with a piano/violin duo at Penn State University back in 1996, and the interviewer asked the duo why they would think of performing and recording George Crumb: Just the name Crumb makes me cringe, expecting dissonance. How can the same Duo encompass the lush, romantic Strauss, … Continue reading

Originally posted on The Rambler:
Last week I rather took Daniel Asia to task for his Huffington Post article on John Cage. I’m returning to the subject today because I’m interested in moving this debate beyond just Asia, or even Cage. As Lauren Redhead noted at the time, Asia’s article is merely symptomatic of how much…

So I used to read a lot of fantasy…

Last week I stopped by the library to renew my library card, and ended up picking up something by Tamora Pierce. I’ve never read anything by her but I think she’s a popular YA author known for her strong female heroines. The book I picked up is called Trickster’s Choice and here’s the synopsis from Tamora … Continue reading

Emotional Conservatism

My favorite Chopin interpreters are the ones that can bring a reserved elegance out of Chopin’s pieces. I think Chopin is not about “the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings”, to quote Wordsworth’s famous definition of poetry. It is about emotion, yes, but emotion held in check. Eliot’s ideas about emotion have always felt more solid … Continue reading

New Year’s Resolution?

I resolved to make a more concentrated effort to blog this year. Last school year, it was blogging more or less once a month, a few sentences each time. Wonder why I fell off the bandwagon… but during the summer I blogged twice a week during good weeks? I also said I’d read 50 books … Continue reading

old dispensation

For last year’s words belong to last year’s language And next year’s words await another voice. It’s January 1st, and like Eliot said, “next year’s words await another voice.” At this time last year, I was thinking about my thesis. At this time the thesis is finished, and I still have three schools to apply … Continue reading