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Music to Move By Most music moves us to move. I discovered this as a child, before I had ever seen dancing: my father played classical records at home, and when the music was on I often found myself in motion across the living-room floor, giving form to…

From SAFARI to Prince Igor: Tour de Ballet

This season, I had the wonderful opportunity to return to The State Ballet of Rhode Island as Communications Intern and performer. As I’ve written about in previous blog posts, it’s been a wonderful experience, and I am so glad to be back. I’ve just come off a long weekend full of dress rehearsals and performances … Continue reading


So I’m sitting awake at 3:30 AM after having just finished a very hard paper to write, and I’m thinking of how it all happened. I left SBRI six years ago to pursue my interests in music, and now I’m back again, not as a dancer, but as a musician and communications intern. It feels … Continue reading

so much happened this weekend.

1. I played a first movement of a piano concerto, by Mozart, for the first time, with an orchestra. It definitely marks a high point in my musical career thus far, at least until my senior recital. It was a wonderful experience and I am extremely fortunate to have done so. The sad part is … Continue reading

Art Creation and Collaboration

As a double major in English literature and music, two different arts, one of my interests is artistic collaboration. For instance, one of my recent research projects for my music history class was the collaboration between John Dryden and Henry Purcell during the Restoration era in England. One of them was the former Poet Laureate … Continue reading