Not that this helps, but…

I was thinking tonight that the difficulty I had in reading “Burnt Norton” was because I don’t think I have wrestled enough with the great paradoxes of spiritual experience lately. Like in how time and timelessness is related — God is outside of time, humans are in time, the Incarnation is the thing that unites … Continue reading

blood brothers

Ingrid Michaelson’s music video for ‘Blood Brothers’ was free on iTunes the other day, so I downloaded it and watched it for the first time in between abstracts and essays about culture. I don’t think the lyrics bears much analysis for the meaning to be clear: she’s appealing to some common humanity beneath our different … Continue reading

Do I dare? Literature Inspired Art

I’m all for literature-inspired art. Saw this on Facebook the other day, and I think it’s pretty cool. About the inspiration for this project, the artist, Evan Robertson, wrote, That’s the spirit of this series of illustrations. I took little snippets of text and ideas from some of my favorite authors (with some notable exceptions that … Continue reading


Deco tape is another of these things that is easy to find in any stationery shop in Taiwan, Korea, or Japan, but more expensive and hard to find here. Googling “deco tape” turns up online shops with names like “Japanese Gift Market” and information that a lot of these tapes come from Asia. Importation unfortunately … Continue reading

Better than Pastiche?

For someone that really enjoys Pastiche Fine Desserts on Federal Hill in Rhode Island but is too broke to visit Pastiche frequently, it’s nice to find desserts that are both tasty, beautiful, and affordable. Unfortunately, that place, for me, is in Taiwan. The night before I left Taiwan, my aunt (小舅媽) decided to buy us … Continue reading

The Jade Cabbage

Apparently the Chinese public has a real affinity towards food. This is supported by the fact that the two most famous items in the National Palace Museum are the Jadeite Cabbage and the Meat-Shaped Stone (a stone that was carved to look like pork in soy sauce). My family went there yesterday to look at … Continue reading