2013 into 2014

I don’t blog that much these days, but felt the need for some reflection especially since 2013 was so rough (but eventful). So many things have happened, and I’m desperately looking forward to 2014. Things I accomplished in 2013: Presented a senior recital Graduated (with highest GPA in English) Helped coordinate a classical music festival … Continue reading

Emotional Conservatism

My favorite Chopin interpreters are the ones that can bring a reserved elegance out of Chopin’s pieces. I think Chopin is not about “the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings”, to quote Wordsworth’s famous definition of poetry. It is about emotion, yes, but emotion held in check. Eliot’s ideas about emotion have always felt more solid … Continue reading

old dispensation

For last year’s words belong to last year’s language And next year’s words await another voice. It’s January 1st, and like Eliot said, “next year’s words await another voice.” At this time last year, I was thinking about my thesis. At this time the thesis is finished, and I still have three schools to apply … Continue reading


The GRE literature felt a bit better than I thought (knock on wood) though feeling that I didn’t have enough time to fully check my answers was unpleasant. We’ll see when we get the scores back. The student performance went ok too, with the exception of a jarring note near the end. I feel as … Continue reading

Protected: Sorry for all the negativity.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


Watched two separate videos of statements from talk/comedy type shows made very soon after the 9/11 attacks. It’s strange looking back at something that happened 11 years ago, something that will remain embedded in the American consciousness. The first one was Jon Stewart from The Daily Show, and the second one was David Letterman. One thing I … Continue reading