Deco tape is another of these things that is easy to find in any stationery shop in Taiwan, Korea, or Japan, but more expensive and hard to find here. Googling “deco tape” turns up online shops with names like “Japanese Gift Market” and information that a lot of these tapes come from Asia. Importation unfortunately … Continue reading

Sushi (壽司)

One thing I’ve always felt painfully aware of is the inadequacy of Rhode Island sushi as compared to actual sushi made in Asia. This is inevitable. It would make sense that sushi closer to the source would be much more authentic, and depending on the standards of each Japanese restaurant, quality can differ quite greatly. … Continue reading

Snack Adventures 3: Candy in Taiwan (糖果)

I’ve also had the opportunity to try a variety of candy in Taiwan, as candy is easy to find in various convenience stores, drug stores, and whatnot. The fun thing about candy in Asia, as with any other country, is that one can find all sorts of different flavors that one can’t find in the … Continue reading

Snack Adventures: Mochi and Umeboshi

So far the defining moments of my trip that I remember involve eating or food of some kind. I feel that I have been eating nonstop ever since I have gotten here. Surprisingly, I haven’t had the chance to try too many snacks or desserts while I’ve been here, as most of my eating has … Continue reading

In my secret life, I am a fatty

I have a secret dream of being a food reviewer. The past few days, I’ve been obsessed with a food photography/review website called Foodspotter. Basically, people can make profiles, take pictures of the food they eat at various restaurants, and upload them to the site. One can then write what type of food it is … Continue reading