Watched two separate videos of statements from talk/comedy type shows made very soon after the 9/11 attacks. It’s strange looking back at something that happened 11 years ago, something that will remain embedded in the American consciousness. The first one was Jon Stewart from The Daily Show, and the second one was David Letterman. One thing I … Continue reading


poems like the Waste Land are so easy in that regard. one read is enough to stay in baffled amazement, though perhaps with a consciousness of how the words feel as they are strung together. but to get at the beginning of an understanding? i don’t want people to be left merely with the feeling of … Continue reading

thesis stuff

Epiphany at 1 AM in the morning while struggling through Discovering Modernism by Louis Menand: “I study T.S. Eliot.” Does it sound pretentious that I decided to work my thesis on one of the hardest poems in the English language? That question is something I struggle with from time to time, especially when trying to explain … Continue reading

It’s a cause for wonder, isn’t it?

It’s a cause for wonder, isn’t it? That old blind king dragging around a tail of sorrows long enough to wrap three or four times around the earth. Then, on the very doorstep of his tomb, one quarter inch from extinction, there’s a time for forgiveness, peace and understanding, time for the cities of his … Continue reading

“It is impossible to say just what I mean!”

I don’t think I was really fully aware of how difficult it was for T.S. Eliot to write before I read this biography. I knew that he was not the most prolific writer, but imagine writing a poem, a really good poem, and then waiting years and years believing that this was the last poem … Continue reading

Spirituality and Failure of Recognition in “The Waste Land”

The physical waste land featured in “The Burial of the Dead,” with its Biblical allusions, returns in “What the Thunder Said.” The reader has journeyed through many places, from the desert and the dead tree to Unreal City and places like the Thames, Margate Sands, Carthage, and more and lived through the crucifixion of Christ. … Continue reading