Blogging from IPhone

Just wanted to see how this works. I guess it does seem as if I have a new toy to play with. Advertisements

Bach in the DC Subway

BY DAVID LEE GARRISON As an experiment, The Washington Post asked a concert violinist— wearing jeans, tennis shoes, and a baseball cap— to stand near a trash can at rush hour in the subway and play Bach on a Stradivarius. Partita No. 2 in D Minor called out to commuters like an ocean to waves, sang to … Continue reading

Beating musico-literary relations over the head

I am so caught up in the topic of music as it relates to literature, or literature as it relates to music. This semester i am doing multiple projects in different classes on the same topic. More and more I can see myself extending this project into the far future, even in grad school. But … Continue reading

On Music

It is interesting how interpretation of music gets an almost religious significance. You’re not interpreting it right, you are killing classical music, this is totally wrong, only one way is right… But what are doing to classical music with our own black-and-white views?